How to wash silk bedding

After enjoying the sweet dream with the soft and smooth silk bedding, you must care about how to wash them correctly so that they remain new. That is what I want to tell you here!
When you need to wash luxury silk bedding, the first thing to remember is to never use bleach. Bleach makes a nasty looking stain that will never go away. You will need a mild detergent that is specially formulated for silk. Never use hot water. Use a delicate cycle like the one designated for either silk or wool.
As you should always protect your duvet with a removable and washable cover, your Lilysilk filled duvet does not really need a thorough cleaning. Neither does the topper. If your comforter do has a cover, remove it and use the same method you used to wash the sheets. Silk comforters should never go near a washing machine. The tried and true way to clean one is to hang it outside on a nice day. A silk comforter will suck up moisture during use so this should be done periodically. If the comforter is fouled by your love life and eating habits, you will have to find a specialized dry cleaning service that can handle it. Try places that clean wedding gowns.
If you do need to clean a silk comforter, it must be professionally cleaned. Washing a silk comforter in water yourself would almost certainly ruin it. Make sure you call around and ask the cleaners about their experience with cleaning both comforters and silk. Often cleaners that specialize in cleaning silk wedding dresses are good candidates. Although dry cleaning is a possibility, there may be trace amounts of chemical residues left behind and the process may harden the silk if done repeatedly. Professional wet cleaning is becoming more common, and is the preferred option.

Best way to wash silk