“No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother’s love.” – Edwin Chapin

She is the one who always cares for us and is ready to embrace us when we are down. She is the one who loves us without any condition, and her love will not vanish until her life ends. Her love for us is the purest one, and she never cares about the return. She is the bravest warrior to protect and defend you no matter how weak she might be. She got a name: mother.

There never lack the ode to mother, and we shall not too. We may not be able to extol mothers with beautiful songs or poems, but our sincere gratitude and carefully selected gifts will be their best comfort. Below, we prepared some combined silk combo of better values to cater to mothers from day to night.

For My Hardest Working Mother

Quality silk pajamas to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious night without overheating and make her always look presentable, silk pillowcase and eye mask that protect hair and skin, together create a beauty sleep collection that gives mothers the best care.

For the Purest Love of Mother

The whole set of LILYÁUREA® products, for mother to easily get access to naturally golden-colored silk at once. Step into a new world of less artificial chemicals and embrace a healthier lifestyle with these fine silk products made with premium material only.

For My Selfless Mother

SOS shirt – the oversized luxurious shirt with no figure limitations, together with a silk pillowcase that protects hair and skin and brings better sleep, makes a perfect gift for mothers as this silk beauty silk collection gives females 24 hours of care from day to night.

For My Elegant Mother

Beautiful silk dress for daily look or as nightdress, a smart dress mother would definitely love. Silk pillowcase reduces wrinkles and moisturizes skin, silk scrunchies protect hair, perfect gifts for mom this year.

We could never do too much to thank mothers.

Dear mother, we appreciate all your love and everything you’ve done for me.