Age of 25, even saying that would fill your heart with despair and anxiety. When a woman turns 25, nothing will be quite the same as before, everything is changing, quietly.

Cellular viability declines, wrinkles are showing more and more, youth has gone.

The hair loses its luster and shines, dry and fuzzy, hair loss and breakage are taking over.

The skin has seen better days, too. It’s now just a layer of vulnerability and recurring acne land.

Is it true that you will be absolutely hopeless when you’re past a certain age? Well, the answer is NO! Because you can try to change everything with the newly-born mind-blowing silk pillowcases now!

Silk pillowcase benefits to the skin

Pure Silk Pillow Cases keep the skin cells young and energetic!

Silk amino acid (SAAs) also known as Sericin, is a natural water-soluble glycoprotein contained in silk. It is used as an additive in skin and hair care products due to its high levels of serine, which has excellent moisture preservation characteristics. As a water-based additive, it is used to provide a protective barrier and silky feel to lotions, soaps, personal lubricants, hair and skincare products. So, sleeping on silk, that’s like doing an 8-hour SPA to your face and hair!

Silk Benefits

We spent one-third of our lives in bed. With that much time burying our faces in pillowcases, it is necessary to pick one that not only does not repel the moisture in the skin but also cleans and moisturizes the skin and makes the skin healthier.

And the coefficient of friction of silk products is only 7.4%! It not only minimizes the frictional damage to the skin of the face but also reduces the friction between the hair and the pillowcase to prevent hair loss.

Silk Bed Sheets

In the TV series ‘Gossip Girl,’ Serena and Blair, the leading roles, ladies of the Upper East Side of New York, are also sleeping on silk pillowcases and even sleeping with silk quilts.

Many Hollywood stars and supermodels also mentioned the use of silk pillowcases when sharing their beauty routines.

19/22/25 Momme Silk Pillowcase For Hair, makes the hair look like flowing liquid gold

The silk pillowcase not only has a wonderful effect on the skin but also makes the hair hydrated, healthy and shiny! Because it is a protein produced by animals, the water content level is close to human skin, so it does not absorb the moisture from our hair like cotton.

Moreover, its unique fiber structure can help the hair to lock in moisture and has less friction against hair. Even if you roll your head all over it all night, the hair will not be fuzzy or tangled.

silk pillowcase
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Especially for curls, your hair will easily be messy if you don’t sleep cautiously in bed. But after using the silk pillowcase, it won’t be the case all the time.

And besides, the amino acids in the silk can also repair damaged hair scales layer and prevent split ends. This way, you no longer have to worry about the loss of luster and moisture of your precious hair, the breakage and hair loss, etc.~

Natural Silk Pillowcase Against Acne, make you say goodbye to acne!

Have you ever encountered such a situation, during the transitional season, your skin is dry, red and itchy, and acne acting up? Your pillowcase might be the one to blame!

After the traditional cotton pillowcases being used for a long time, they usually will be covered with a lot of dead skin cells, skin oil, sweat, and various bacteria, sleeping one them will expose your skin to a dangerous environment.

If you sleep face down and don’t clean your pillowcase very often, your pores will eventually get clogged. This leads to terrible acne maybe even permanent marks!

The unique moisture wicking characteristics of the silk pillowcase can absorb the sweat and regulate the metabolism of the human body, take away the excess heat, keep the skin clean and avoid the growth of bacteria on the human skin.

Although the use of silk pillowcases does not completely treat acne, it can prevent the occurrence of acne. Also, the hypoallergenic and breathable properties of silk would reduce the chance of infection and skin irritation. Making your skin less vulnerable, less acne prone.

Already feeling the urge to get one for yourself? Do it!