Lily Mei


1. The Past The idea of LILYSILK was born back in January 2010, after Lily Lin spent more than a decade working in France’s silk industry and saw how retail...
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What A Fairy Silk Dress

What a fairy silk dress! Accompany you to punch in elegantly to the world's top tourist destinations. A woman who loves life will never get tired of photo-s...

Tips To Take Care Of Breast

Breast health is every woman’s responsibility as breast cancer often happens in women with no risk factors. But you can help yourself by adopting the following...

Lily Mei

Lilysilk is providing the exquisite range of silk bed linen and silk bedding product. Lily is pronounced "Li" in Mandarin Chinese, meaning Lily as a flower name and my first name. For thousands of years in China “Li” has been highly appreciated for its quality, purity, sincerity and its finest beauty.