Lily Mei

The Path to ‘Gold-Silk’

"I have very sensitive skin, so I'm afraid of having an allergic reaction to colorants.” - Jane, a customer of LILYSILK. Caring for customers and doing a...


1. The Past The idea of LILYSILK was born back in January 2010, after Lily Lin spent more than a decade working in France’s silk industry and saw how retail...
silk dress

What A Fairy Silk Dress

What a fairy silk dress! Accompany you to punch in elegantly to the world's top tourist destinations. A woman who loves life will never get tired of photo-s...

Lily Mei

Lilysilk is providing the exquisite range of silk bed linen and silk bedding product. Lily is pronounced "Li" in Mandarin Chinese, meaning Lily as a flower name and my first name. For thousands of years in China “Li” has been highly appreciated for its quality, purity, sincerity and its finest beauty.