Earth Day is an annual event on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It encourages us to protect our planet, live a sustainable life, and develop sustainable businesses – like the fashion industry. Below is an interview about the earth and environmental protection from our customer.

Q1:What is your favorite natural place you have ever been to?

My favorite natural place is Dolomites without any doubt. I still have so much to visit around the world, but Dolomites left its mark. There are two places in Dolomites that stole my heart: Alpe di Siusi and Lago di Braies.

Q2: What is the reason for sticking to sustainable fashion?

The reason is to put into practice the commandment to love your fellow man as yourself. The fundamental basis of sustainability is about meeting our generation’s needs without compromising the ability to meet the next generation’s needs. In short, it is an action towards the preservation of natural resources, giving descendants the same opportunities. So, since the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry, it is very important to make conscious choices for the preservation of the environment.

Q3: What impresses you about LILYSILK?

What impresses me the most is that the brand combines quality with ethical practices.

I’m impressed by the quality of the products, I love the silk touch on my skin, and I feel so comfortable in it. No other fabric gives me the same feeling. And knowing the brand’s commitment to zero waste gives me the confidence that I’m moving towards better choices for the environment. All products are toxin-free with OEKO-TEX certification and made with 100% natural premium materials. These materials take only 1 to 5 years to decompose, which is x50 times faster than synthetic materials.

Q4: How do you expect people to get along with the earth?

I hope people respect the Earth’s natural cycle. The ecosystem was designed to perfection in order to recycle organic matter so that it is available to new living beings, generation after generation. I expect that intelligent and rational beings will support this ecosystem for its own good.

Q5: Please provide some tips on protecting the environment in daily life.

Of course I am not perfect in this matter to give perfect advice. But I believe that if we all do our best to reduce, reuse and recycle, we can make a difference. The key to reducing consumerism when it comes to fashion is to buy smarter, investing in quality pieces made from natural fabrics that can be worn several times in different styles. Less is more when you do it right. Don’t run after trends because those trends are made to increase consumerism, and that’s bad for the environment. Create your own style and keep your life simple. That’s what helps me make conscious choices.