At LILYSILK, we understand that not all silk is created equal, and with many brands to choose from it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. When choosing to purchase from a silk brand, the most authentic and accurate information isn’t always found in a brand’s side-by-side comparison to its competitors. That’s why you won’t see LILYSILK use these methods to compare itself to other silk brands.

We take pride in the quality, sustainability and comfort of our silks, and we want our customers to feel the same. With over 12 years of experience producing premium silk products for customers around the world, we’re advocates for the benefits of silk and respect other brands capable of offering quality silk products. That’s why we’re guiding you through the characteristics to look for when choosing a quality silk brand, so you can make your next silk purchase with confidence.

What criteria determine a quality silk brand?

As a brand committed to providing high quality silk products for over 12 years, we understand the criteria that set silks apart. (For basic silk knowledge, please refer to our Silk Guide page.) When choosing a quality silk brand, we recommend looking for the following criteria:

Product quality is the basic standard and the most important trait. If you’ve been shopping for silk, you may have noticed the term “Grade 6A Mulberry Silk”. This fundamental quality of silk is a common term used by most, if not all silk brands. Given silk’s reputation as a natural luxury product, most brands you will find meet this basic quality standard.

However, the term “Grade 6A Mulberry Silk” in a product description does not necessarily indicate product quality. Instead, look for a third-party certification to determine the quality of a brand’s silk. You’ve likely come across dozens of OEKO-TEX® certifications, reviews and awards when shopping for silk. But what exactly do they mean in relation to silk quality?

Auxiliary material is also an important standard. This diminutive element also determines the quality of a product to some extent, if not too much. If a brand uses high-quality auxiliary material for their products, the quality of their products usually will not fail you. For instance, all of LILYSILK’s zippers are purchased from YKK, the world’s largest and high-quality zipper business.

Authentic Reviews – Does the silk brand have third-party reviews? If the only reviews are self-published on the brand’s website, authenticity might be a problem. A good way to determine whether reviews are authentic is by looking at both negative and positive reviews. If reviews are 100% positive, the reviews may not be authentic. Similarly, look at how a brand responds to negative reviews. Is their customer support team meaningfully addressing customer concerns within the reviews?

Awards and Celebrity Endorsement – While awards can be a good indicator of a silk brand’s quality, authentic endorsement from a celebrity or other public figure can also help determine authenticity. Whether a sponsored promotion or organic endorsement, it’s a good sign when a silk brand is advocated for by a reputable celebrity or public figure.

After determining quality and authenticity, look for good customer service. Take a few minutes to research the brand’s response time and processing speeds, or communicate directly by telephone to ask any questions about the product. Speaking to a customer service representative directly is a simple way to discover firsthand the quality of service provided by a brand. Also take a look at the brand’s stated shipping, return and satisfaction policies. The more transparent and diverse feedback channels a brand has—from email and telephone inquiries, to a brand’s responsiveness to their customers on social media– also reflects the brand’s quality of service in aftersales.

Sustainable silk you can trust

For LILYSILK, what’s more important to us than being the “best” silk brand on the market or producing the “best silk pillowcase”, is being a quality silk brand that our customers can trust. That’s why at LILYSILK we want to inspire people to live better and more sustainable lifestyles by providing premium silk products.

From head to toe, scrunchies to socks, day to night, dress to pajamas, underwear to outerwear, we offer silk for almost every part of your lifestyle. We believe that zero waste can make a difference and we insist on innovation. Our dedication and effort are reflected in our products, including our globally first-launched golden silk LILYÁUREA®, herb combined LILYHERB™, and the most soft and delicate LILYSOFT™.

We’re constantly striving to improve without compromising on sustainability or quality. We try our best to avoid stock-caused waste and look for ways to optimize shipment and delivery time without compromising on our zero-waste policy.

Silk is machine washable, but it’s not the best way to care for silk; instead, we still recommend hand washing to prolong the life of the product. We also provide organic washing mesh bags for customers who prefer machine washing.

We adhere to the quality threshold and are proud of our third-party certifications, reviews and celebrity endorsements of our products that guarantee objectivity and authenticity. But as we said before, what’s more important to us than being the best silk brand is to be a trusted and socially-responsible brand that cares for the planet and its people, while helping our customers live a more spectacular life.

If you have any questions about silk, please feel free to contact us. With 12 years of professional experience, we look forward to helping you find the right products and answering your questions.