What can we do for the old? Have you ever thought of your parents when you feel lonely and boring? Without companion of their children, the aged seek much more warm from surroundings. Silk clothes or nightwear have plenty of benefits for old people. If we are busy with work or our daily life, what we can do is to offer some wonderful material things for them. Maybe hard for you to choose? Let’s look at the strong points of silk products first!
There are great benefits of Silk clothing for the old’s health when they wear them. They are felt comfortable with elegant and gorgeous appearance. In recent years, with the gradual increase of the people’s living standards, a variety of textures of silk clothing have gradually been accepted and favored by a lot of people who not only feel elegant and comfortable, but also enjoy strong ethnic customs when they wear them. Silk clothing is also very beneficial to the health of the middle-aged.
1. Silk clothing can make fitness: silk fibers contain a variety of amino acids of the human body, and share its affinity with human skin. Silk fiber is slender, with supple and smooth surface, so its good air permeability, moisture absorption and moisture resistance make middle-aged wearer feel comfortable and at ease. And compared with chemical fiber garments, silk garments are effectively antistatic, avoiding skin irritation caused by static electricity, to some extent, they have played the role of physical fitness.
2. Silk clothing can beautify skin: the silk products contain threonine, serine, and other elements necessary for the human body, which can effectively improve the blood circulation of the human skin, and enhance the vitality of the epidermal cells, and play a role in preventing skin aging to some extent. In addition, silk garments can effectively adsorb the sun’s ultraviolet rays, thereby greatly reducing the damage and irritation of the human skin due to strong ultraviolet radiation when they go out in the hot summer. Silk garments are conducive to the health of the skin, and to a certain extent play the role in beautifying the skin. At the same time, due to the low thermal conductivity of pure silk, silk clothing keep warm and good. When wearing silk clothing, people will feel cool in summer, feel warm in winter, which also have a lot of benefits to the old.
Silk clothing can prevent disease: traditional Chinese medicine believes that silk has play a natural role in preventing disease. Clothes made of natural raw materials can help to combat skin diseases. Silk is a kind of protein fiber, which contains various amino acids. These amino acids can effectively soften blood vessels. Wearing silk clothing, especially silk underwear, can effectively prevent diseases such as arteriosclerosis, varicose veins of the elderly. The elderly often wears silk clothing to delay skin aging.
All these strengths can not be matched by any other kind of clothing.