1. polyester-cotton products generally use 65% polyester and 35% cotton. This kind of fabric is divided into two kinds, namely, plain and twill. The plain fabric is thin with good strength and wear resistance and minimal shrinkage. The appearance of this kind of product can not be changed easily. What’s more, it is affordable with durable performance, while the sense of comfort is not as good as pure cotton. In addition, because the polyester is not easy to stain, polyester fabrics are mostly light, or light colored which are more suitable for spring and summer. Twill fabrics have a heavy density, which make them seem dense and thick, the sense of surface gloss feels better than that of plain.
2, yarn-dyed cotton is a kind of cotton fabrics which is woven by yarns with different colors. Because this kind of fabrics is dyed before being woven, it has a strong dye penetration, yarn-dyed fastness and strong three-dimensional sense of yarns of different color fabrics. Unique as it is, the bedding are more likely to choose stripe pattern. It has the characteristics of cotton fabrics, but usually its shrinkage degree is much greater.
3, silk fabric with gorgeous and rich appearance is much better than cotton in elasticity and moisture absorption. It has the effect of natural soft light and flicker. Though it feels comfortable, it is much easy to be dirty and its heat resistance degree to strong sunlight is less than that of cotton. Due to silk’s unique structure, this kind of fabric is easy to form waterlogging which is difficult to eliminate, so be attention, you should put a white cloth on it when you do ironing.
4. High-density jacquard fabric is superior one of the cotton fabrics, which feels thick and smooth with durable performance. It is usually light-colored, which is especially elegant.
5, Pure cotton feels good, soft and warm, which is comfortable to use and easy to dye with various flower styles, and strong moisture absorption. It is also washable and less electrostatic. All those advantages make it the number one bedding material widely used. However, it is easy to wrinkle, easy to shrink, and less elastic. In addition, it can not bear alkali, and treatment is not recommended for use in temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius for a long time. So we’d better make it wet when we do ironing!