We mainly choose different kinds of comforters for a same purpose, that is, have a firm sleep and a nice dream. That is the most important thing we should consider, but we can not forget other factors when we buy comforters which also count a lot for your sleep quality and so like. What factors shall we need to consider?
From the perspective of environmental design
We need not to consider many things about the environment, we just decorate our bedroom, not to destroy or pollute the surroundings we live. What we talk about here is coordination with other decorations in our bedroom. Textile products are salient points of the overall harmony in the living environment, which must be considered with the coordination of the room environment and the room special function. We should pay much attention to the unity of partial decorative home environment and the overall style.
From the perspective of health care
A study showed that: 1/3 of the life of people is in a sleep state, the human ability to get adequate rest during sleep largely determines the health of the body. Health and environmental protection of Household items are now advocated, so we can see a lot of the cotton and linen series, chrysanthemum pillow, medical stone pillow, latex pillow, nursing a neck pillow and other health supplies series on the market. What we should do is pick out the urgent goods for ourselves.
From the perspective of purchase purposes
If you want to send the bedding as a gift for your friends or relatives, the occasion must be taken into consideration. gifts for wedding celebration should be red or other warm colors with happiness and joy. If we send gifts for friends who move to new house, we should consider the new home environment. If as daily use, simple , convenient and practical single piece combination is a good choice. You can often swap the color with the seasons change and personal needs, and create a different atmosphere.
From the perspective of season changes
The bedding should be chosen according to the change of seasons, for instance, in spring and summer we can choose fresh, vibrant colors to create a fresh atmosphere, and choose warm colors in winter to contruct warm visual effect. Summer Quilt is preferably about 1.5 kg, about 2.5 kg in spring and autumn, about 3.5 kg in winter. At the same time, personal habits as well as local climate are also taken into consideration.