Christmas is coming,the days are getting colder and colder, snuggling into a cosy set of pajamas seems more appealing than ever. Silk pajamas are a good choice. Silk is soft as baby skin, known as the second layer of skin, which has 18 amino acids that nourishes our skin and hair.

silk pajamas

New Style in 2016 SKU: 2201

With this in mind, we have just launched ‘’LILYSILK Women’ s Silk pajamas with Lace Trim’’. This new set with unique silk wrap top offers you a perfect match with pajamas and robes. You could enjoy sexy silk robe and cool pajamas at the same time. For safety and comfort, the top has 2 security silk-self ties inside and a detachable silk-self sash. We add elastic waistband with silk self-tie for a flexible fit around the waist.

Women and girls’ First Choice Silk Pajama Sets


The silk pajamas are made from 100% 22 momme mulberry pure silk, which is soft, lightweight, and easy to keep you sweat-free. We offer incredible color selection, for light color including light pink, light sky blue and beige, we offer white lace to make the trim. For dark color in navy blue, burgundy, peacock, the lace we used is black. You could find mature, cool or cute style here in a range options for colors.


This stylish design has been incorporated into our new range of silk pajamas, delivering a elegant look to make you feel stylish even when sitting sleepy-eyed around the breakfast table.You can also take the top as a coat, match with a camisole.because more and more chic girls choose pajamas to wear on the street, this piece obviously is the ideal one.

silk pajamas


The Reason Why you choose Silk Pajamas
Silk is made from the cocoons of silkworms. Like nearly anything in nature, there are natural occurring substances in the cocoon of the silkworm that protect from various threats. Since the process of turning those cocoons into silk is a gentle one that does not strip away those natural substances, the benefits of them are still in the silk when you purchase silk bedding. Dust mite, mold, and fungus all do not like those substances and stay away from silk. This means that silk pajama is a perfect choice for people suffering from asthma and from certain types of allergies such as being allergic to dust mites.


The Function of Chinese Silk
Being a natural fiber, the silk has irreplaceable uniqueness and great vitality. The silk garment has certain health care function to human body:
First, it brings the pleasant sensation. Composed of azelon, the real silk has a good biocompatibility. The smooth surface makes the smallest friction coefficient of all types of ribers.
Second, it has a good permeability and hygroscopicity. It contains 18 sorts of amino acid. It is regarded as the “Queen of Fiber” due to its good permeability and light absorbing ability.
Third, it has excellent qualities of acoustic absorption, dust absorption and strongly heat-resistant.Fourth, it has the function of anti-ultraviolet radiation. The fibroin in it can well absorb the ultraviolet radiation. But after absorbing the ultraviolet radiation, the chemical changes will make it yellowing from day lighting.

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