Lily Mei

Hello, Lilysilk!

The idea of Lilysilk was conceived by Lily Lin in January 2010, 6 months after she returned from France to China. Having worked in the silk industry in France f...


Summer is coming, in this soaring temperature, our bodies can not help but shouted: feel like being emptied. In this hot season, you want to wear the lighte...

How To Store Your Silk Clothing?

                                                                                               Great News! Lilysilk women clothing is coming! There is no doubt ...
Lily Mei

Lily Mei

Lilysilk is providing the exquisite range of silk bed linen and silk bedding product. Lily is pronounced "Li" in Mandarin Chinese, meaning Lily as a flower name and my first name. For thousands of years in China “Li” has been highly appreciated for its quality, purity, sincerity and its finest beauty.