It doesn’t seem that long ago since LILYSILK dived into the silk industry and began to provide top-quality silk products at reasonable prices to our beloved customers.

Time has passed quickly, and as we now enter our eleventh year of business, we want to say to all our customers – THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Thank you for your support, thank you for your trust, and most importantly, thank you for being with us.

Since first starting in 2010, LILYSILK has been dedicated to developing great natural fiber products that we hope bring you ultimate comfort and enjoyment. As a company, we hope to inspire you to live better lives and more sustainable lifestyles.

Over the years, LILYSILK has made contributions to help reduce the environmental impact of fashion and care for the planet. We have reduced harmful waste by sticking to natural materials which decompose x50 times faster than synthetics. We have avoided unnecessary carbon emissions by integrating our manufacturing and shipping processes. We produce only high-quality garments in timeless styles which we hope people wear every day and evermore.

LILYSILK will continue to provide our customers with items crafted from the finest natural materials, at the fairest prices. With your support, we want to make the world a better place while ensuring you continue to look great and feel comfortable.

The 11th anniversary of LILYSILK is coming soon, and we will throw a lot of events for customers to enjoy! A huge wave of great deals is coming next. So get yourself ready for LILYSILK’S 11th Anniversary from August 2 to August 31!