We can choose what we usually use daily as a gift during the festival, such as pillowcases, pajamas, beddings, scarves, and so on. These intimate gifts can make couples love each other better.

A high-quality gift will make people who receive gifts happily, but they will also be used frequently, and these gifts will not be too difficult to choose, which will ease the pressure of your gift selection.

Silk Pillowcase

Embroider the name on the pillowcase and give it to her or him, so that every time you see the pillowcase, it is like the other side will guard your side, it will warm each other!

Silk pillowcase reduces friction, pulls to the skin of the hair and face and neck, and slows down the fine lines. Make your hair supple and not rough, not easy to lose hair.
Send her or him the LILYSILK silk pillowcase to make her or him healthier and younger.

19 Momme Terse Envelope Silk Pillowcase

Silk Pajamas

Love is just a little hug or a warm concern, and the most loved pajamas gave him, let happiness accompany you every night. Simple and cute, share the feeling of love with her or him, think about it, wear such a tranquil, comfortable pajamas scene at home.
Lilysilk’s new design collection offers you gorgeous enjoyment during day and night. A casual silk robe over your pajama set is a good choice for your night.

What’s more, buy them in sets or together to save money so both you and your family can enjoy all the benefits and luxury.

Classic Silk Beauty Sleep Set For Women
22 Momme Romantic Silk Couple Pajamas Sets

Eye Masks

Our luxurious eye mask is very convenient for you to carry and take care of. We make the elastic bands of the new version eye masks wider to add a more delicate look as well as better comfort for you! Take it, make your bedtime sweet, and wake up gorgeous!

Watercolor Print Silk Sleep Eye Mask
19 MM Terse Silk Pillowcase and Silk Sleep Eye Mask Set

Silk Hair Scrunchies

That is when hair scrunchies come in, especially silk hair scrunchies. The silk fibers contain 100% amino acids and have a very similar structure to human hair. So, it has many benefits to the hair. With a durable rubber band, it could band your hair well and avoid your hair from being hurt.

With a wide selection of styles and colors, LILYSILK’s silk hair scrunchies will definitely be the perfect gift for this holiday.

4 Pack Watercolor Print Silk Scrunchies Set
Silk Concise Beauty Set

Peal Jewelry

If a woman can own only one piece of jewelry, it must be pearls. There is no dazzling brightness of diamonds, no dazzling beauty of colored gemstones, the pigmentation of pearls is moist and delicate with beautiful natural shapes.

Who doesn’t love pearls? There’s something about the shimmering, lustrous organic gemstone that makes it so intriguing. Pearls have been valued and coveted for centuries, and a pearl gift is always appreciated and cherished.

Natural Pearl Stud Earring
Elegant Angel’s Wings Freshwater Pearl Necklace