A silk comforter is a long term investment. If you take good care of it, a silk comforter should last at least 5 to 10 years, and possibly much longer. Make sure your silk comforter stays looking attractive by taking proper care of it. Silk is an amazing fiber in that it is remarkably strong, and yet very fragile, so much care should be taken to keep it in premium condition.
First, you should always use a cover with your silk comforter. Using a top sheet is also advised. You can and should then launder the top sheet often (at least once a week), and the cover itself less frequently (for example, on a monthly basis). A duvet cover will preserve and protect your comforter so that frequent cleanings of the comforter itself are unnecessary. If you do use a cover, the silk comforter itself will almost never need cleaning. This is important, as the cleaning process can cause subtle damage that will accumulate if cleanings are too frequent.
Second, “Sun curing” is the traditional way to care for a silk comforter. You should air out your silk comforter using this technique periodically, whenever it becomes heavy or starts to lose heat retention. To do so, place the comforter in the sun (with the cover on for protection) for an hour or two at the most. Because silk has the ability to absorb moisture, this process will dry it out, making it more fluffy and lighter, and improving its insulating properties. Alternatively, you may place the comforter in the dryer on extra low heat for a short time, not to exceed 30 minutes.
Third, Don’t store the silk comforter in the damp and fuggy environment or load it in rubber bags. If do so, the comforter will become damp and have a peculiar odour, and finally lose warmth retention property and air permeability. Avoid weight, which means not to place heavy things on the quilts, lest they will be thinned and hardened. Do not use chemical drugs such as camphor ball, in order to avoid silk pollution.
The last but not least, due to the inner fabrics of silk comforter and pillow made of cotton which is very easy to be creased, and the extrusion because of packing and transportation, the fabric will become very uneven. What you should do now is to hang them up, and then blow them with a blower, as a result, the cotton fabrics can be smooth and submissive again.