What if I was to tell you that you could attain healthy skin, luscious locks of hair, and a more comfortable night of sleep by just buying a pillow case? Doesn’t this sound a lot better than several trips to the salon or stocking a cabinet full of moisturizers and creams?

These are just a few benefits you could be enjoying right now if you were using bed linens and clothes made out of silk!

However in this article we’re going to focus mostly on how it will help you be more productive, more focused, and more energetic by getting better sleep.

Let’s see what you’ve been missing out on……..

Why Sleep Shouldn’t Be Dismissed As Unimportant

see how silk products can improve sleeping experience
The sorts of problems that come about from a lack of sleep are extensive so we want to stress to you why you should start getting better sleep before we tell you how wonderful silk is……

Basically, your mind and your body needs plenty of time to “reset” and get ready for the strenuous mental and physical activity that may come the next day. Without a chance to do this, you could start experiencing the following situations:

  • You’ll develop a ravenous appetite and your metabolism will slow down in order to store energy that your body has been deprived of
  • A single night of tossing and turning will make activities like driving, working, and socializing much more difficult as your mental cognition is impaired
  • You can experience health problems such as a weakened immune system and a risk of developing wrinkles and dark spots on your skin

Maybe you’re aware of this already. So what, right? We’ve all had to go without sleep before and get our jobs done anyways!

Tell yourself the truth though, and you’ll probably admit to having some of these problems just listed. Is getting more work done worth the aging skin, extra pounds, and fogginess that comes from having little sleep?

We don’t think so, and that’s why we’re excited to tell you about how sleeping in silk can help……

Why You Should Invest In Silk Bedsheets & Pillowcases

LilySilk Beauty Set for Skin & Hair Care

LilySilk Beauty Set for Skin & Hair Care

Silk is made up of proteins and amino acids that naturally spring out the environment. Thus, they are free of many of the chemicals that may irritate your skin or cause you to lose sleep.

Let us explain…….

Many people who suffer from asthma or eczema, amongst other skin problems, report that bedsheets and robes made from materials such as cotton or polyester increase their exposure to allergens. Allergens that commonly get in these fabrics such as dust mites and formaldehyde can trigger reactions that aggravate these conditions.

Once these same people tried sleeping in silk, the proteins didn’t absorb the moisture that cotton takes away from their body, and the amino acids helped speed up the metabolism of dead skin cells. This is because silk has a similar makeup to the proteins and amino acids in our own bodies, which won’t react negatively to our bodies.    

However you may be lucky enough to not suffer from any skin problems or allergies. That’s great but there is one other big benefit to sleeping in silk that anyone can benefit from…….

Regulate Your Body Temperature & Sleep In Colder Temperatures

Experience Luxurious Sleep with Silk

Experience Luxurious Sleep with Silk

Believe it or not there is an optimal temperature your body needs to adhere to in order to sleep comfortably. If you keep your room at 60 to 67 degrees you’ll not only fall asleep faster but enjoy many health benefits similar to those we just mentioned.

But what does this have to do with sleeping under silk? Well, a lot!

Silk helps retain heat that you’ll need during colder nights, and help relieve you of warmer temperatures the rest of the year. It can do this because it’s a natural heat regulator and doesn’t conduct heat or static electricity like other fabrics do.

This is important because your body’s temperature rises and falls throughout the day to regulate everything going on inside of it. When your body loses heat from its core, it brings on feelings of tiredness that silk can help you keep and thus fall asleep faster.

So basically if you can keep your body cool and comfortable, you’ll enjoy a higher quality of sleep. Silk does that by providing an environment for your body to avoid regulating itself throughout the night.

One bonus health benefit of sleeping more comfortably is that your body will increase production of melatonin, which is a natural anti-aging hormone your body secretes in such circumstances…….

What To Continue Doing After You Buy Your Silk Sleeping Products

provide better care to your skin and hair by sleeping under silk

provide better care to your skin and hair by sleeping under silk

So by sleeping under silk you can not only enjoy better sleep, but also look younger, have better skin, and avoid the fogginess and lack of productivity we warned you about earlier.

If you’ve never tried silk before and want to inexpensively, then you should take advantage of this package of a silk pillowcase, eye mask, and sleeping cap. They’re made out of the high quality 19 momme strands that only the best silk artisans in the world handle, and it’s cost is much lower than you can imagine………

LilySilk Silk Sleep Cap & Pillowcase Set

LilySilk Silk Sleep Cap & Pillowcase Set

In the meantime though, to continue enjoying better sleep, practice these habits everyday that are recommended by the Mayo Clinic:

  • Maintain a normal time that you go to bed so your body will schedule itself to start falling asleep
  • Avoid going to bed hungry, and don’t drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks hours before bedtime as these habits can disrupt your sleep cycle and bodily processes
  • Avoid watching television or using your cellphone while trying to go to sleep
  • Make your room ideal for sleeping by doing anything necessary to make it darker and quieter
  • Include physical activity in your daily routines
  • Get yourself organized and set your to-dos and priorities for the next day before you dive back into your bed

Many of these points are basic to everyone who’s done a good bit of sleeping but it never hurts to cover the basics. After what you’ve heard about sleeping with silk, it’s bound to help you relieve your stress and help you fall asleep faster amongst other things!

Please take a look at our silk bedding set if you’d like to start sleeping better, and our silk beauty set is now an affordable item to start with. Thanks for reading!