If you are a person who like to enjoy life, you must have a set of wonderful bedding. The silk product is your best choice. You may also wonder whether the bedding you bought is really made of genuine silk. If you buy the products from lilysilk online store, you are guaranteed to get the genuine silk bedding. Here, you have some simple methods to identify it.

1. Watch. To see whether the fabric of the silk product is soft, shiny and bright or not, the color is vivid and well-proportioned or not,the Surface or the silk products is defects or not.
2. Hand touch. Soft, waxy feeling is unique characteristic of silk products, when pressed on the surface of the product, a pulling feeling will be created . If no such feeling from the product, is should not be the real silk.
3. Friction. Mutual friction of silk products will create a crisp sound, commonly known as wire-ming. If there is no wire-ming phenomenon, it is not real silk fiber silk.
4. Combustion (burn test). As the name implies, you need to burn the fabric (a small piece or even a thread will do) and then watch what happens. If you know what to look for, then this process should be an easy and safe way to figure out whether what you have is genuine silk.

Extracted from the fabric edge off a bunch of silk yarn, lit with a match. the bunch of Silk burn slowly with faint glow. Firstly, it will curl into a ball with a similar smell of burning human hair or bird hair. Then, after burning into the dark brown globular, once you touch the globular,it will be broken into powder. Finally, when leaving the flame, it stops burning immediately.
ATTENTION PLEASE! The reaction you get when you do the burn test on silk thread is very similar to the reaction of the same test with wool yarn. Make sure that you keep your bucket of water close by. Some fabrics that look like silk are actually extremely flammable and will need to be doused immediately.