Lilysilk sums up performance from Trustpilot reviews 91% of users gave 5 star reviews.


Recently, Lilysilk reviewed all the feedback messages our customers posted on the 3rd party review site Trustpilot. The results were encouraging as over 91% (91.5%) of our customers gave a solid 5 stars to our products and services, and 95% of our customers were largely happy with our products. (5 and 4 stars). However, 1.7% of reviews reported negative experiences (1-star and 2-stars) which means there is still much to improve.


Out of the 91.5% 5 star reviews, the most mentioned keywords included “high quality” “fast delivery” “great product”, showing overall very high recognition of the quality of our products and delivery services. Over 85% of the reviews praised our silk as “beautiful”, “excellent” or “elegant”, 77% were “impressed” and are willing to “recommend” our products to friends and family. Approximately 36% of the reviewers either gave or received our products as gifts, and 98% of these reviewers were “satisfied”, “happy with” or “thrilled” by the quality of our silk. It is obvious that Lilysilk’s continuous effort to provide the best silk of China using the fastest worldwide delivery service is well-received and appreciated by most.


However, we are also examining the causes for dissatisfaction very closely, in the hopes to improve our services further in the future. Out of the 1.7% 1 star reviews, we have found the overwhelming majority (82%) of dissatisfied customers were unhappy with delayed order/delivery and the lack of information after their orders were placed. Over 90% of these incidents happened between Black Friday weekend and Christmas Eve, and 65% happened during the last two weeks of Christmas, bringing the satisfaction rating during this time period down by over 10%. It is evident that Lilysilk was overly conservative when estimating the sales volume of the 2014 Christmas shopping season, and preparation to handle the huge influx orders was poorly done. Being overly reliant on a single courier service also spelt trouble when a winter storm of unexpected scale overtook Europe and most of US’s east coast and incapacitated much of DHL’s delivery capabilities. These have now become valuable lessons for the administration at Lilysilk, and will most certainly help with the preparation for the Christmas season of 2015.


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