Smooth, Sweet, Sexy!

When it comes to selecting lingerie, voluptuous women need specific designs that give optimal comfort while still presenting their bodies in a beautiful way. Lilysilk combines top-quality workmanship with the most exquisite lace and silk to craft luxury panties with no detail left unturned.

Comfort – We pay close attention to those little details like cut, trim, and rise, making the panty a super comfortable choice to wear during the day under clothing and sleep in at night. A great fit is absolutely essential for a woman to look and fee her best, and every woman deserves to feel at the top of her game so she can conquer her day.

Art – What detail could be as sophisticated and feminine as lace? The light weight of the fabric, the intricacy of the pattern and its tantalizing sheerness lends a sense of mystery- perfect for lingerie. It is no longer just a detail, but the component that turns a garment into a true work of art.

Our luxury panties are your exclusive secret to keep!