Stepping into Spring, take off the thick coat and enjoying the sunshine oudoors. As a fashion one, which style sleepwear will you choose to represent your spring and
sleep with it.

22 Momme Graceful Silk Pyjamas Set With Lace Trim

This new set with unique silk wrap top offers you a perfect match with pyjamas and robes. You
could enjoy sexy silk robe and cool pyjamas at the same time. For light color including light
pink, light sky blue and beige, we offer white lace to make the trim. For color in navy blue,
claret, dark teal, the lace we used is black. You could find mature, cool or cute style here in
a range options for colors. Lace at the cuffs offer you a cozy and romantic feeling. Two pockets
make your night wear more functional and you could wear in everyday life. They have a beautiful
easy to wear wrap top and flat front with an elastic back and a convenient drawstring waist. The
top also has security ties and a detachable sash. Don’t miss the lace trims on the shirt and
pant cuffs. These silk pyjamas are the perfect way to start or end your day in.

22 Momme Chic Trimmed Silk Pyjamas Set

Many chic girls choose pyjamas to wear on the street. This piece of top is the ideal one. You
could match with a camisole and take it as a coat. Mixed match with a pair of jean pants, you
will see the modern world of silk pyjamas wearing. Contrast piping outlines the polished
silhouette of these classically menswear inspired PJs crafted from smooth silky satin with a
notch-collar top and matching relaxed-fit pants. Lilysilk’s new design collection offers you
gorgeous enjoyment during day and night.

22 Momme Stylish Silk Pyjamas Set With Contrast Trim

This new set applies Lilysilk’s new design. Contrast trimming are used for different colors.
Color matches show your different tastes: elegant, mature, career, fashion, etc. This design
collection is suitable for all the women at different ages. You could always find the style
suits you best. Silk-wrapped buttons and double layers of fabric at the cuffs are the best
details for pursuing the falsetto quality. Simple design for notched collar and cuffs make you
look more charming.

Everyone will have their own fashion style and are you ready to buy a new pajamas set for your