Best Beauty Products - Sale

Spring’s arrival drove away the cold winter, people feel a lot comfortable now. Spring always make people feel the joy of a new life.

After experienced a brutally cold winter, our skin gets drier. Wanna look beautiful, we need to take care of our skin. Natural silk product is the best skin care product as mulberry silk contains over 18 amino acids and protein fibers which are healthy for human skin and hair.


Today, we’d like to introduce a few silk products for you.


1, Silk Bedding sets

Our silk bedding is made from 100% Pure mulberry silk that is available in 19/22/25 momme.

Soft, smooth and light, it gives the least pressure on your body. Consisting of natural proteins that are very similar to ones in human hair, silk helps reduce any potential allergic reactions. The sericin in silk dispels accumulation of melanin in your skin, preventing/delaying any black spots from forming on your skin. The breathability and heat insulating properties make sure it is able to keep you warm without making you hot, and its great moisture wicking abilities help keep your bed dry… Always wake up refreshed and you will soon see the difference a good night’s sleep makes on your overall health!


Sale available now: Silk Bedding sets, up to 20% off.

Silk Bedding sets

2, Silk Pajamas

Getting the right clothes to wear can contribute on how we sleep, thus, it is important that we take care of our self by dressing appropriately for bed.Silk Pajamas are one of the best sleepwear you can find in the market today, which offers fantastic comfort, luxury and style.

The amino acids in silk fibers are essential to the human body and help replenish lost collagen in the skin, and the high moisture absorption rate of silk helps keep your skin at just the right humidity. The great insulation properties of silk help keep the temperature around your skin at an optimal level, providing not only comfort, but also the perfect environment for your skin to regenerate during sleep.

Sale available now: A free silk Panty Comes with Undiscounted Women Sleepwear Purchase.


Silk Sleepwear


3, Silk pillowcases

If you wake up with visible creases on your face from your regular pillow, then this is another reason to try a silk alternative. Silk pillowcases leave you with less puffy skin in the morning and help prevent wrinkles that form overnight. Each pillowcase is a budget-friendly buy packed with beauty boosters, keeping bedhead at bay and fighting against facial aging. They don’t pull or crease your skin while you sleep and feel smooth and soft. Silk pillowcases help maintain the texture of your skin over time, with no effort at all. And it also helps elongate your blow dry and is perfect for girls with curly hair who want to keep their wild hair tamed!

Sale available now: Up to 10% off + a free silk eyemask per order.

Silk pillowcases

Best silk bedding/pajamas/pillowcases, are the natural beauty products for every sleeping Beauty.