Washable silk comforter is now available online! Crafted of 100% organic mulberry silk, our fluffy silk filled comforters are extraordinarily breathable and light, just like sleeping on the cloud. The updated design with blocks that cover the whole comforter is to fixate the silk filling so that silk floss will not move around inside the cotton shell, which ensures you a night-long comfort. Additionally, they are easily washable by hand or machine, very convenient for daily care. Anyway, you do not have to worry about deformation of your comforter after washing! It is a good sleep helper with huge health benefits and easy-to-care feature!


1. 100% Mulberry Silk Filling

100% mulberry silk is always your first choice! Especially for the silk floss. Only the cocoons of Mulberry silkworm can be unraveled to make spindles of single-strand silk threads, forming long-stranded silk fiber. Our products, unless stated otherwise on the product page, are made of 100% pure and natural long fiber Mulberry silk cultivated from the best silk farms in China.

2. Cotton cover

The outer shell of silk comforter with cotton, also called cotton-covered comforter, is made of cotton. We choose cotton as the cover of this washable comforter is to help to prevent comforter moving around inside your comforter cover. As we all know, cotton is less smooth than silk. This is also an advantage to take for washable comforter design.

3. Washable

From the picture, you can clearly see there are stitched blocks covering the whole comforter. This design is to fix the filling well onto the cotton shell. Therefore, the silk floss is efficiently prevented from moving around inside the cotton shell during washing. Otherwise, the whole silk floss inside would be tore into parts after several times washing.

Care Instructions:

They are easily washable by hand or machine, very convenient for daily care.

– Dry clean recommended

– Machine-wash is viable on most gentle cycle, make sure the water temperature not exceeds 30 degrees centigrade 86 degrees Fahrenheit)

– Minimize spin time

– Hang dry if possible

– Iron when slightly damp using a cool setting. Always iron on the inside
– Keep out of touch of pets/sharp objects