Lilysilk is five years old and join us to celebrate
together from August 8th to August 30th .


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Reductions list below:

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Double Lily points

anniversary promotion, all Lilysilk members will earn double Lily points with
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Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Buy 1 get 1 free applies
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Please notice that you can get 1 free same
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4. Extra
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In this part, we provide large scale of
selected high quality products, including bedding, bedding sets, sleepwear,
babies & kids and accessories. You can enjoy discounts up to 20%.


Bedding Sets

19MM bedding sets, 10% off with $300

Selected bedding sets including following
list, 10% with $350 purchase

Seamless Silk Bedding Set Belle

Seamless Silk Bedding Set Angelina

Seamless Silk Bedding Set Darlene

19 MM
Seamless Silk Bedding Set Bonnie

19 MM
Seamless Silk Bedding Set Victoria

19 MM
Seamless Silk Bedding Set Princess

19 MM
Seamless Silk Bedding Set Nora

19 MM Silk
Bedding Set Nikita

19 MM Silk
Bedding Set Anoushka

19 MM
Seamless Silk Sheet Set Elizabeth

22MM bedding sets,
20% off with $400 purchase

22MM bed skirts, 50% off with any purchase

25MM bedding sets,
20% off with & 500 purchase


4 pillowcases bundle, 10% off , and get 1 free
silk handkerchief.

The Handkerchief is also
high quality which is made of 100% pure and natural mulberry silk.

Silk is called “Queen of Fiber “for its
animal protein fibers ,which is considered as the second layer of human skin.
There are over 18 amino acids in silk which absolutely nourish your skin and
hair. It’s amazingly smooth, soft, an ideal gift for you and your families.


All silk comforters
and blankets, 10% off.

Mulberry silk blanket, made of superior pure silk,
you will be surprised by your smooth skin and glossy hair next morning.
Fluffy and
lightweight, our silk-floss-filled comforters serve to protect you from the
extreme hot and cold, as well as all kind of invaders to your bed from bacteria
to mites to mold.


All woman and man
sleepwear, 10% off, besides you can get a free silk scarf which values $60.

Looking for
100-percent pure and high quality silk sleepwear online? Here it is for men and
women, made of 22 momme 100% natural silk with custom plus size. Silk pajamas
for women are on sale as well. All luxurious silk pajamas are made in different
kinds of necklines, sleeves, length and pockets. Black, chocolate, rouge,
silvergray, violet, white are available. When you experience the comfort of
silk nightwear, you will pat yourself on the back for making such a smart
choice. It is perfect for lounging and loafing. Warm up to the day in this
handsome silk robe. It is time to relax and unwind with us.

Babies & Kids

Pajamas, and baby
sleeping bags, 20% off.

19MM silk crib bedding
set, 10% off.

Are you looking for a special and healthy sleepwear
for your boy? Come to Lilysilk, here we provide you with our newly-launched silk
pajamas for boy: 100% mulberry silk fabrics, naturally hypoallergenic, soft to
touch, OEKO-certified, with a variety of colors and sizes, customization
available if required. Put on this silk pajamas for your boy, you will find he
will fall in love with silk and love you more.


Buy 1 tie Get 1
pocket square.

Complete your look with Lilysilk 100% silk pocket
square or handkerchief in variety styles and colors. This quintessential menswear
accessory is an all purpose handkerchief that works well with any suit jacket
or blazer. You won’t be able to stop accessorizing once you get your hands on
this undeniably charming silk pocket square. Pair this pocket square with our
light blue stripe silk tie.

rich amount and types of high quality products for you, are you ready to shop
your favorite products? Best chance to prepare good stuffs for yourself, family
and friends as gifts for the whole year holidays and celebrations. For special
gifts, we provide customization and monogramming (sleepwear only) services.

Lilysilk reserves all rights of
interpretation of the terms and conditions of the Lilysilk 5th anniversary promotion event.