When we appreciate movies, we often feel amazed at those beautiful and striking clothes, especially silk products which not only add color to the movie but also usher in a fashion.

1. Emerald Backless Dress in Atonement


For many movie fans, the reason why they remember Atonement is not that it wins lots of awards but lies in that the emerald backless dress worn by Keira Knightley and designed by Jacqueline Durran. Without much decoration, it is made from pure silk satin, graceful, sexy as well as fashionable, like clear flowing water.

Wear Silk like a Movie Star

2. Red Silk dress in Pretty Woman

The movie Pretty Woman produced in 1990s makes Julia Roberts a world-renowned super star. She plays the role of a modern Cinderella so successfully that she wins many fans’ heart. The moment she puts on the red silk dress reminds everyone of the fairy tale in which Cinderella puts on the beautiful dress given by fairies and transforms from a poor girl into a noble princess.

Wear Silk like a Movie Star

3. Luxury Dress In the Great Gatsby

When Daisy appears in such a luxurious and elegant silk dress at the party, we understand why Gatsby can never forget her. She is such a beauty that she enjoys both purity and temptation. The white silk dress decorated with diamonds and sequins makes Daisy a shining and sexy angle.


4. Lilysilks Pure and Luxurious Silk Clothing

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