Shopping guide for Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day


Mom is the one that always has us at the top of her list. Once a year we get the opportunity to show Mom just how much we appreciate her. We’ll make sure she is treated like the Queen she is and comes out looking and feeling better than she has since last year!
Buy them some gifts to care for their health. Here are some choices for your reference.
1. Silk filled pillows

silk pillows
As we all know that silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids which are beneficial for body, as well as skin and hair. Buy our mother a pair of 100 pure silk floss filled pillows, matching with silk pillow covers. These perfect suits are good to vertebration, and let head and neck relax without pressure! Mother’s health is what we care most about. Take high quality silk pillows home for them, let our silk pillows protect them whole night.
In order to show our value and appreciation for mothers all over the world, we make a special sale for silk pillows which are sent as a gift for mothers. That is 10% off.

2. Pajamas set

silk pjs

For some new mothers, what they want most is some fashionable and comfortable nightwear. It is really important for them to enjoy life and relax after a baby birth. Now 100 pure mulberry silk pajamas is an ideal choice. Buy now, you can save 10% off for each style of silk sleepwear. 2pcs pjs, silk robe and silk nightgown are available. Love them, give them the best.
If your mother is a little old, you can choose these silk pajamas too. There are 6 colors for you to choose. Black or chocolate color is ok for mothers who are over 60 years old. White and silvergray color are for all mothers. Rouge and violet color are favored by many young mothers.
Besides, you can leave a message about your bottom words, we can make a card for your beloved ones.

 3. A set of silk bedding

silk bedding


A set of silk bedding is the dream of many housewives. Buy the whole set including duvet cover, fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pair of pillowcases on this special day, you will save 8%. Silk bedding sets offer the luxurious atmosphere to your bedroom, what’s more, enjoy the whole nature and herb care from our 100 mulberry silk sheets set.

4. Eyemask and gloves
Sleeping with a silk eyemask, enjoy the intensive care for eyes and wrinkles around eyes. Mothers use their hands to make dinner, breakfast and lunch for us, touching us, protecting us. Now it is time to let their hands rest and get protect. Send them a pair of silk gloves, care much about their hands. And make a wonderful brunch for them. They will be pleased to be treated as a queen on that special day!
We lilysilk think that ahead. No need to buy eyemask and silk gloves, we will send you.
Only if your total price is over $200, we will send you a healthy silk eyemask. But if it is over $400, a pair of silk gloves will be yours.

We lilysilk say happy Mother’s Day to all mothers in the word, and wish you the best health all the time.