Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping Guide:Luxurious Silk Bedding Deals From

It seems that the shopping season has already been here after the Thanksgiving Day. After enjoy the big time with families and friends, people tend to purchase luxurious silk bedding for themselves. As it is well known that silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids which are helpful for body and hair. It is reported that a growing number of customers would like to reward themselves a set of silk sheets on the net. As a leading and people-oriented manufacturer and retailer of silk bedding, Lilysilk launches a crazy sale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for customers home and abroad.

1. 30% off on 22/25mm silk bedding sets
There is no doubt that 22 and 25 momme weight silk fabrics are the best ones in the current market. They are so luxurious and glamorous as that you never imagine. BUT, Lilysilk launches a tremendous sale on their 22/25mm silk bedding sets, 30% OFF.

silk bedding set

silk bedding set

Everyone should have an access to enjoy the precious comfort and benefits of silk bedding. As the picture shows that, these sheets are manufactured with premium-quality fabric, delicate designs, and gorgeous looks. Only sleep in the smooth silk sheets, you can understand the smoothness and comfort of silk.

2. Free scarf along with silk nightwear order

silk nightwear sale

silk nightwear sale

One famous actress has ever said that women should have at least one piece of silk scarf in their life. Now it has no difficult to own such a luxurious piece. Buy one pajamas, get one free silk scarf. Moreover, it is fantastic to send the silk scarf to female friends. What do you think?

3. 20% off on 22/25mm duvet set

silk duvet set sale

silk duvet set sale

Many customers complain that they feel freezing at night in the winter though they are covered with thick comforters. However, a piece of winter silk comforter can help that. Filled with 100% natural silk floss, Lilysilk comforters paired with duvet covers are featured with warmth and comfort.
4. 50% off on silk bed skirt and coverlet

silk coverlet sale

silk coverlet sale

You have no reasons to miss the chance of saving 50% off. Once a year. Cover your bed with these luxurious and decorative accessories, which help create the royal and high-end atmosphere in your bedroom.
Have you ever received these savings at Lilysilk bedding store? If not, how can you say you have the Black Friday? All the campaigns have limits on time. Ends on December 1st.

Lilysilk Thanksgiving Promotion: Great Savings On 100% Pure Silk Sheets

Thanksgiving Day is coming. In order to express gratitude and thanks to new and returning customers, Lilysilk bedding store has launched a big promotion on 100% pure silk sheets! This promotion is expired on November 28th. It is a great opportunity for customers who seek for luxurious and healthy life. Save your Money Now!

Savings #1: 40% Off On Pillows If…

Silk Pillows Sale

Silk Pillows Sale

Details: If one customer buy a pair of pillowcases or more, he or she can save 40% off on the pillows if he/she also wants to buy pillows. And it is really excited to save that 40% off, right? e.g. A standard size pillow was previously priced at $195, but now it sells only $117! Save $78.


Savings #2: Up to 20% Off On Duvet Set

Duvet Set Sale

Duvet Set Sale

Details: Customers will save 20% off on the total prices of silk comforters and silk duvet covers in 22/25mm. e.g. A queen size 22mm duvet cover was previously priced at $559, while the silk-covered silk-filled comforter was $398, and now if you buy these two, it only cost you $765.6, saving you $191.4 .
While customers will save 10% off on the 19mm duvet cover and silk comforters.

Savings #3: 10% Off On 3PCS

Sheet Set Sale

Sheet Set Sale

Details: Customers will get 10% off on the total price of a fitted sheet and two pillowcases. The returning customers will know that Lilysilk never launch promotion on these three pieces, because the regular prices of them are affordable. Now it only costs you $198.9 to own a queen size fitted sheet and two pillowcases in 19mm.

Savings #4: Get a $215 Blanket For Free If Your Order on 22/25mm beddings exceeds $600

Bed Linen Sale

Bed Linen Sale

Details: If you buy any pieces of our 22/25mm silk sheets, including duvet cover, fitted sheet, flat sheet, and the order amount exceeds $600, you can get the queen size silk blanket for free. The silk blanket sells at $215 on the  website. Three colors are available for the blanket.


Whether you celebrate the Thanksgiving or not, it is a great time to say thanks and express our gratitude and love to our beloved ones. What’s more, It is a big opportunity to get savings on Lilysilk Bedding Store, and enjoy high-quality silk sheets.

How to wash silk sheets?

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silk sheets

SILK is a kind of lightweight and breathable material that is also hypoallergenic, durable and perfect for both summer and winter months. Luckily, more and more people realize the importance of pure silk, and buy silk products for bedroom. When it comes to caring for bedding, many people might find themselves repeatedly washing sheets, and they will doubt that whether it will destroy their valuable sheets. However, when treated properly, silk fabric can last many years due to its natural durability.

Housewives are all have their own inherited washing methods of bedding fabrics from mothers or books. While silk is different. Many customers ask how to wash silk sheets. It seems that they do not have a clear concept of silk washing. And there are really some tips that should be kept in mind when it comes to silk washing.

Silk sheets should be washed by hand the first two to three times, but after that it is OK to launder them in a washing machine as long as using the proper method. Do not scrub vigorously. It is better to put silk sheets into a dry-cleaner. However, fewer family have this machine. Using the high quality washing machine is also fine. Select the delicate cycle. This means using the same cycle that people use to wash wool. Ensure the water is lukewarm. Use a protective bag.


silk bed comforters

Do not use the extra spin cycle. Or use the short spinning cycle. Silk sheets do not need to be spined too much. Hang the silk sheets on a clothesline and allow to dry in an area out of direct sunlight, which causes damage to silk. Silk sheets can also be dried in the dryer on the lowest temperature setting.

Iron them. Of course, the smoothness is best created by ironing the sheets; do this when they are still slightly wet. This step is optional. Silk bedding should be washed clean and stored in a dry place due to the season changes. If live in humidity areas, the bedding should be regularly dried. But attention please! Silky Fabric should not be stored with mothballs to avoid yellowing; Just place silk products in the appropriate humidity, well-ventilated place.

Silk sheets usually shrink slightly the first few times they are washed. This is normal and not cause for concern. Wash sheets separately from other laundry to prevent damage.
DO NOT USE BLEACH on silk sheets.

Practical Shopping Tips for Silk Bedding

There may be different weights and grades and qualities of silk, but at the end of the day, anything that is silky smooth and allows skin and hair to glide over the surface will be wonderful and will feel great as sleep. Pure silk is never cheap. Once you set mind to buy silk goods, there are few things that you might like to consider. After all, an educated shopper will always make better choices. So keep tips for silk beddings in mind.
Attention to Momme weight
Silk-Bedding-SetMommes (mm) are units of weight traditionally used to measure the density of silk. The standard for measuring momme weight is by using a piece of fabric that is 100 yards long and 45 inches wide. If that piece of fabric weighs 19 pounds then the momme weight of that silk is 19. For silk sheets a momme weight of 12-19 is considered good quality with silk sheets in the range of 16-19 being very high quality. Anything lower than 12 will result in sheets that are not as durable as they should be which means they will be more prone with damage and tearing. The higher the momme weight the heavier the fabric which means a greater amount of silk was used in the weaving process. And different names for silk made of different momme weights. Gauze for 3 to 5 momme weight; Chiffon for 6 to 8 momme weight; Habutai for 5 to 16 momme weight; Charmeuse for 16 to 19 momme weight.

Eye on Thread count
A measure of the fineness of fabric; the total number of vertical and horizontal threads per unit of surface such as a square inch. For example, if a square inch of fabric in a 300-thread count sheet with a standard weave were examined closely, 150 vertical threads and 150 horizontal threads would be counted, for a sum total of 300 thread count.
Some manufacturers will twist 2 or 3 threads together to make one yarn, yet use the number of threads in the thread count. That means that a piece of fabric that has a thread count of 200 may be marketed as having a 400 or 600 thread count because there were 2 or 3 threads used when making the yarn. The result is something that should feel ultra smooth but does not.

Mulberry silk VS Charmeuse silk
silk-sheetsCharmeuse Silk is a luxurious fabric made from mulberry silk with a satin finish. The front side of the fabric has a satin finish—lustrous and reflective—whereas the back has a dull finish. It can be made of silk or a synthetic lookalike such as polyester. Silk charmeuse is more expensive and delicate but is softer and a better insulator.Polyester charmeuse is cheaper and can often withstand machine washing, but it does not breathe as well as silk. Charmeuse differs from plain satin in that charmeuse is softer and lighter in weight. It has a floating appearance which drapes very well, especially for formal wear and luxury bed linen.
Mulberry silk comes from silkworms fed mulberry leaves which have been used for literally thousands of years to produce the finest, strongest, silkiest silk available.

Lilysilk Starts Halloween Carnivals: Buy One Get One Free

It seems that the Halloween Day is the big time for kids. While it’s also the shopping carnivals for adults at This website launches a big promotion on silk bedding sets and combination silk comforters for customers all over the world. Here tells you how to save money at Lilysilk, and buy your desirable silk products for your beloved bed.
1. Get a free silk bathrobe when order on 22mm silk bedding set exceeds $600

Silk bedding sets made of 22mm pure mulberry silk from Lilysilk are featuring high quality, delicate designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and gorgeous looks. This time, the company sends a women’s bathrobe worth $139 for free. It seems that 100% natural silk bathrobe is a big allure to ladies and housewives. Why not indulge in between silk sheets with silk robes on? And the robe is free.

2. Orders over $600 on 25mm silk bedding set, Get a Free silk blanket

25mm silk fabric is rare in the current market. But silk products made of 25mm silk are the softest and smoothest for sleeping on. And the queen size silk blanket on Lilysilk website worth $215, but it is free only when you buy 25mm seamless silk bedding sets. Wait for what?

3. Buy winter & combination silk comforter, get 50% off on next order of 22mm silk duvet cover

Combination silk comforter from Lilysilk consists of a piece of spring comforter and a piece of fall comforter, which can be used separately all year round with ultimate comfort. According Mike Lee, CEO of the company, their silk comforter never sells at a discounted prices. This time they really do a big promotion for customers. Cover your combination silk comforters with the luxurious 22mm seamless silk duvet cover, and be spoiled by the 100% pure mulberry silk.

4. Get a free eye mask worth $20 on each silk nightwear order

If you want to buy silk pajamas alone, that is ok, they also sends a silk eye mask worth $20 for you. Lilysilk is famous for varieties of its silk nightwear. More than 60 styles and designs are available on their website. There will be one set designed for you!

Start your journey of Halloween carnivals from today on. It is treat not trick!