Which comforter suits you in winter?

Nowadays, winter is becoming warmer and warmer due to the the greenhouse effect and the urban heat island effect, as well as a variety of heating equipment. Even though the climate is not colder than ever and we are surrounded by all kinds of heat equipment, we are increasingly nostalgic for the warm of comforters. We hope we can hold that piece of warm the whole day. As we all know that a good comforter will give us a warm and peaceful sleep and dream. Therefore, choosing a suitable comforter is crucial. We select the right comforter not only to withstand the cold, but also to relive the warmth and abundance of the kind of family with soft and warm comforters.
Here, I will compare two kinds of comforters for your reference.
Mulberry silk comforter—soft and breathable with effect of health care
Silk comforter is generally made of staggered piece of cocoons pulled by hand. silk has always been favored by the public because of its light and soft texture, comfortable feeling and the sericulture complex of Chinese for thousands of years. Natural silk comforter has the following characteristics:
Silk protein contains 18 kinds of amino acids, 11 of which are necessary for the human body, so pure silk is good for skin, especially for sensitive skin, delicate infant skin and pruritus skin of the old.
Silk is a natural animal protein fiber, known as the “Fiber Queen” because of its high air permeability. You will feel comfortable owing to free skin perspiration and secretion.
Silk comforter whose warmth retention property is better than that of cotton and wool naturally fit body and prevent the loss of heat due to the strange affinity with human body.Duvet— Fluffy and warm with a long life span
Duvet is becoming the first choice in some colder areas. It has the following advantages:
1. Owning three-dimensional structure of the triangle itself, duvet can save a lot of air to prevent the loss of body temperature. Duvet contains grease ingredients, so that it does not stick to each other, and preserve their fluffy. .
2. On condition of the same volume of the quilt, duvet weight is only one-third of pure cotton quilts, one half of wool and silk comforters. It has no feeling of constriction. In addition, the unique feather structure enables the duvet contraction and expansion with temperature changing and difficult to engender sweltering.
3. Duvet is natural fiber, with good permeability, and keep skin dry.

Each comforter has its own advantages. You can choose them according to your own needs.