Are you tired of wearing same styles out? Whether it’s for a day at the office, a night out or a weekend with the in-laws, pulling on a pencil skirt, zipping into a body-con dress or putting on a presentable blouse (respectively!) just doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun.


There is a new trend to wear sleepwear outside of home. From famous fashion brand to T Stage shows, when you want to look good and feel even better? Sleepwear! That’s right: You can totally wear your PJs out in public. Keep reading for the sleekest, chicest and laziest way to score some major style points—plus inspiring snaps from a few ladies who have totally pulled off this look.


Not all sleepwear can wear out. Plus, you need to learn how to choose the style of sleepwear and how to matchwith other cloths. Below is the tips for how to choose and match the sleepwear and wear in public.



  1. Wear High Heels

High heels is perfect match with sleepwear. You will look slim and tall. Also, the pajamas will be more fit and fashionable. Especially, when we wear a suit of pajamas or a long nightgowns, definitely you need to choose a pairs of high heels to make you a super model.high heels

  1. Wear As A Coat

You will find various ways to make the sleepwear as a coat. A short silk robe or pajamas top can be wear with pants, dresses to make you cool and relax.coat

  1. Match with Jeans

Pajamas top with lace can be wear inside with jean coat. A little sexy, a little frisk, making it perfect for shopping or traveling.

Pajamas top also could wear with jeans pants. You will love the way it looks.


  1. Pattern and Trimming are Popular

From classic stripes, tiny polka dots or delicate florals, then add intricate heels to offset that casual vibe. A cotton or silk set can quickly turn dressy with the right accessories!




Surprisingly, pajama dressing has remained a constant in fashion’s revolving door of trends. First, there were hints of it with silky bottoms and drawstring elastics one season, and then flourishes of lace trimming pretty  dresses the next. From pretty solids to playful prints, shop our seven favorite pajama sets that you can wear out in public.3 (2)