Great News! Lilysilk women clothing is coming! There is no doubt that they are made by 100% Charmeuse silk. As a protein fiber, silk is antimicrobial and hygroscopic. It can help maintain the metabolism of skin surface lipid and have the role in treating some skin diseases.
But silk fabric is endurable and easy to be effected by light. If you adopt inappropriate maintenance method, the silk items would be damaged by moth. So it is very important to store your silk clothing in correct ways.
Let’s talk about how to wash and store silk clothing. Generally speaking, the silk items couldn’t be washed ordinarily. But if it is a must, please refer to the following details.

1. Timely washing. After used, they should be washed in time in case that the stain couldn’t be removed. And if you don’t wash it for a long time, the residual sweat will become a yellow spot and couldn’t be removed.


2. Water washing. Don’t use soap or alkaline detergent. Otherwise, white spots will be shown on your lovely clothing.

3. Gently washing. Don’t scrub too much. Or the silk items would be out of shape.

4. Appropriate temperature of water. The temperature should be under 35~40℃. If too hot, the silk would be damaged and melted.

5. Avoid Sunshine. Do not dry in direct sunlight; better to hang inside out in ventilated place. Or they would fade.

6. Save with mothball. White products should be wrapped by one blue paper to keep the original color.

In a word, the silk products should be taken care carefully. If you have any other advice, please tell us asap. Let’s store silk together!