Shopping is beautiful and fun, particularly for the beautiful clothes. I challenge you to disagree. Yes, my heart jumped with joy when I found the pure silk clothes. Elegant as it is.


“I do not dress for anybody but me ” – I believe this quote best describes why you should buy silk clothes: Firstly. It is 100% protein fiber, caresses for your body like natural cosmetics. Secondly, it is luxuriously soft, light and smooth, making your wearing as comfortable as possible. Last but not least, it drapes so well that all the clothes manufactured from it feature this natural sheen, elegance and classy feel without being added too many details.


Finally, we are launching our collections for women! You all know that we’ve been striving to promote a silk lifestyle, then, we thought, why don’t we bring more benefits of silk to you? Here they are, all the versatile & timeless clothes designed by our independent designers, including shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses and more for women! Be pretty & healthy, inside and out!


There will be a wide selection of unique and stylish of silk clothes available for you to choose. A glimpse of it,  you will love it.

When will these silk clothes be available? “April 6th”. Silk shirt womens  and women’s silk skirts are coming soon.

You must be with keen interest, right? Let’s wait for it.