It Is Silk Comforter That Makes You Warm


It is getting warmer and warmer now in China or in USA. Or neither too hot or too cold in Britain. Or Maybe it is going to enter winter in Australia! No matter Where you are, what the climate or weather is, you should keep yourself cozy and comfortable. Lilysilk offers a wide range of silk duvets and comforters in spring, fall and winter. What’s more, the silk floss is cased in different shells, including cotton shell, silk shell, or silk jacquard shell. No matter which shell you choose, we garantee that we supply the top quality 100% pure silk floss and high quality shell. We would like to offer you the best with affordable price.


    This is the silk comforter in cotton shell. Do you want  to sleep with such a soft and smooth, healthy silk comforters in Spring? We also get summer and winter comforters in different weight. 5 sizes are available: Full, Twin, King, Queen, and Cal.King.



    To create a strong and durable filling, silk is layered in a criss-cross pattern.
Moreover, we carefully tack the filling to the hem so you never need to worry about bunching, cold spots or shakedown in the morning. The 100 perfect silk comforter sets is cased in 400 thread count cotton sateen and features an inspection zip that enables you to inspect the quality of the silk floss.




    Though maybe the cotton shell can not be as silky and smooth as silk shell, it is warm and cozy enough. Of course, silk shell is much healthier. Silk contains up to 18 amino acids that will keep your skin moisture and smooth. Choose this 100 soft and quality silk filled comforter , choose a health lifestyle!





This is the silk duvet in silk shell, that is to mean, you choose a set of duvet and comforters that all are made of 100 pure silk. And you will get a total healthy care and protect from the silk product.



    You will feel warm in winter, cozy in spring and fall, cool in summer with our lilysilk duvets. We adjust the weight of silk floss due to seasons to satisfy your body and heart needs.







    Here is the silk comforter in silk jacquard shell. This set is not only healthy but also beautiful. It will add luxury to your bedroom. In additon, silk duvet can offer you a firm and sweet sleep the whole night, and you will find less facial lines or wrinkles in the morning, and your skin will be much more silky and smooth, your hair will be much more glossy, if you use silk bedding for a long time.







  The silky and soft touch feeling attracts many attentions from our coustomers. We believe that high quality decides quantity, customers always make a right choice.

     We seldomly make a discount for our duvets and comforters, but now it is the time our new website online, we would like to offer such a special discount for our all customers, thank you for your everlasting support and purchase, your satisfiction is always our aims and goals. This Big Sale will end soon, and I hope all of you can seize this chance. Because you deserve to own the best!