Last month we Chinese celebrated the Mid-autumn Day with joy and happiness. A silk handkerchief was given to me as a present by my cousin. How nice! Then I was fascinated by silk products. NOW, Let’s have a look at the general information of silk and its history.

Silk, a kind of textiles, is made of silk or synthetic fiber and artificial fiber filament; also refers to the mulberry silk textile. Due to the expansion of the modern textile raw materials, every  artificial or natural filament fiber woven textiles can be called generalized silk. And the silk products woven of the pure mulberry silk are called “silk” or “genuine silk”.

Silk Bedding Set
Silk has a long history in our China. The wonderful climate helps a lot. Maybe influenced by the climate, the silk products are able to balance moisture in spring and fall, keep cool in summer, and HOLD warm in winter.In the ancient China, only emperor and his family can enjoy the comfort brought by the silk products, such as the silk nightwears, silk bedding set etc.
But NOW, EVERYBODY can experience such comfort, ROYAL feeling……