No matter how hard or stressful your work is, and how busy your life is, what you want most is to have a good rest after a nervous day. Your favourite color filled with your bedroom will let you have a wonderful mood, however, do you really know whether the color suit you well, and is good to your health or mood? Do you often feel unknown fretful in your bedroom? Maybe you should consider change your bedroom color.
You should choose bright and strong red bedspread for Newlywed’s room, which not only makes your room filled with festive atmosphere, but also stimulate the nerve system, increase secretion of adrenaline, and enhance blood circulation. However, too much exposure to red will get people much more anxious. So, insomnia, neurasthenia, cardiovascular patients should not use red bedspread or use red for home decoration, so as not to aggravate the condition of their disease.
The bedroom for the elderly should choose a pale orange bedspread, for two purposes, one is to induce appetite for the absorption of calcium, the other is to cheer them up with a joyful mood. You may also choose blue for them. You may know that blue helps to alleviate the symptoms of headache, fever, and insomnia. The elderly usually have a light sleep, as their sons or daughters, we should consider much more for them.
The bedroom for those who are easily irritable and irascible should choose tender green bedspread, so as to relax the nerve and relieve the mood of tension. In general, the color of the bedspread is mostly in light color. On the contrary, the golden yellow could easily lead to emotional instability, so people who suffer from depression and mania should not choose golden color.
If the master is suffering from high blood pressure or heart disease, the bed should be preferably covered with light blue bedspread, so as to facilitate the drop in blood pressure and pulse return to normal. In addition, the blue is fit for white-collar workers who use brain too much.
Indigo can affect vision, hearing and sense of smell, and also can reduce the body’s sensitivity to pain. Patients who are recovering after operation should choose indigo bedspread and other household goods, or simply paint the room into indigo.
People who are angry will be calm down quickly as soon as they watch the pink color. That because pink can make human adrenal hormone secretion reduced, so that the mood comes to be stable. Autism, mental depression patients may choose a pink bedspread as well.
In addition, the temperature is relatively high in spring and summer, the color of the bedspread should choose fresh and elegant, thinner fabric is preferably chosen in texture; while temperatures dropped in autumn and winter, the color of the bedspread should tend to be warm, and a thicker fabric is preferred.