What Do You Know About Silk Drape?

What Do You Know About Silk Drape?


Silk Drapes:

Silk drapes, made of organic and luxurious
fabrics, have enjoyed increasing popularity in home decoration recently. What
features do they have?


1. Natural Animal Fiber

Silk is an organic protein fiber which
contains a wide variety of amido and amino acids, contributing to the luxurious
appearance and skincare property.

2. Heat-Insulating Property

On one hand, silk is famous for its
moisture-wicking property, on the other hand, it can emit excessive moisture
when the heat accumulates too much. Thus, silk feels warm in cold days but cool
in hot days.

3. Dust-Proofing

Silk naturally repels dust, dirt, dust
mites, moths and mildew. Therefore, it’s very convenient to clean silk drape in
daily life.

4. Noise-Preventing

Silk is able to prevent noise penetrating
through the air because of the porosity structure.

5. Ultraviolet-Absorbent

Silk performs well in absorbing ultraviolet
due to its special physical structure, ideal for home decoration. This is
exactly why a number of people tend to use silk drapes, instead of other drapes
that made of fabrics such as nylon, polyester and cotton.



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Care Instruction:


Professional dry clean recommended

Spot clean with lukewarm water under 30

No bleaches, hang dry if possible

Cold irons if needed

Out of sharp object or pet