Tips for mothers to buy baby underwear

csm_odr_6f3ea3236bBaby is the combination of mother’s and father’s love, the hope of next generation. Parents always want to give their children the best offer and try their best to do it. Have you ever noticed the do’s and don’ts of choosing baby underwear? If not, follow me and learn these tips to make your baby more comfortable and healthy.
Select the appropriate infant underwear according to the stage they are in. Some baby need a little tight underwear, others may need loose one. The baby underwear sold on the market are numerous, long, short, robe-like, frog-like, suitable for everyday wear, suitable for sleep wear, etc. Mothers should first consider which is more suitable for the baby at the time of purchase. For example, The underwear with button can effectively care for baby’s finicky belly bulge; hem of the robe-like underwear is more relaxed, which is suitable for baby who needs to change diapers frequently before crawl.
Have a look and touch whether the underwear fabric is soft, especially where are in contact with the baby’s armpits and wrists. When you choose them, you can pick them on your cheek to feel. You should pay more attention to the cuffs or waist of trousers to test whether it is too tight which is uncomfortable for babies and hinder growth and development.
3. Do not choose too bright colors or special white baby underwear, because chemical dyes of these underwear is detrimental to the health of the baby’s. Especially those white baby underwear which seem like a little blue, often contain fluorescent agents, more harmful to the baby’s skin. Meanwhile, you should smell it, if there is a pungent taste, it is likely residual formaldehyde or other chemical additives, this underwear can not be bought.
4. Buttons or snaps should not be attached on the baby’s underwear, so as not to damage their skin or be wrongly eaten. Sleeves and trouser legs should be large, so that the limbs have enough room to maneuver, and easy to wear off and wash. The baby’s chest and abdomen should not have too much constraints, otherwise, it will affect the movement of the thorax, or cause thoracic deformity.