Thanksgiving Day At LilySilk! Maybe the history decides it. The Chinese traditional virtues have been telling us, we should treat the people and things around with a grateful heart. However, without a specific day to express, to remind, is that to say we Chinese people have forgotten this virtue? ! ! It is absolutely impossible!
The fourth Thursday in November is Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is an ancient festival of the United States, also an American Carnival. When it comes to Thanksgiving, the Americans always feel more intimate. Thanksgiving is the most authentic, the most American holiday in U.S. national holidays, which is most closely related to early American history.
Every Thanksgiving day, the American are crowded with people full of joy and happiness, people customarily go to church to do a prayer of thanksgiving. There are a lot of Costume Parades, theater performances and sports competitions both in urban and rural towns. Schools and shops are required to have a rest. Children would like to sing and trumpet on the street, with imitating the appearance of the Indians and wearing bizarre costumes, painting on the face or putting on a mask. People who scatter away family will be back home for the holiday, the family sitting around together, munching the delicious turkey, and saying to their family : “Thank you!”
While in our China, we say thank-you to our loves everyday. Maybe it is so frequent that we forget its real meaning! We have worries about our children. Children take others love and care for granted due to the Chinese education which is more concerned about the scores and admission rates, and parents’ doting because a lot of family have only one child. Many students do not know how to thank, appreciate, but only know how to request and ask; even some children produce antagonistic boredom to their own family. Some adults are also selfish and ungrateful in the face of interest. There is a necessary requirement of building a harmonious society that we should hold a thankful heart.
In China, someone suggests that we should set up a separate Thanksgiving. We can absorb westeners’ active ingredients into the traditional virtues, and to give a new meaning. We can re-select a day of a memorial with Chinese characteristics. Learn from the U.S. holiday, we Chinese set up our own Thanksgiving, which lets the children learn empathy and understanding parents; makes adults mutually understand with more harmonious interpersonal relationships.
Some University students initiative, Thanksgiving should be celebrated in university, on that day, they will express their love and gratitude to their friends, teachers.
In fact, since ancient time, the Chinese nation shares helpfulness Gratitude, just as the saying goes, A drop of favor should be repaid with a fountain of return.