1. different bedding fabric need different washing methods, we should carefully read the washing instructions on the label of bedding. Bedding washing steps are as follows: first stir neutral detergent to be dissolved in water less than 30 degrees, and then put washing items into the water; soak for about 10-15 minutes before washing, and then begins to rinse; the washed bedding should be hung dry, but not for a long exposure.
2. You would better use a drum-type washing machine to wash or hand wash your Pillow or core contents bedding; if you buy a new set of bedding, you should wash it with water in the initial cleaning, and you are warned to use bleach; when you wash bedding with embossed pattern, you will find sometimes floating color phenomenon which is a normal phenomenon.
3. bedding should be washed clean and stored in a dry place due to the season changes. If you  live in humidity areas, your bedding should be regularly dried. Although bedding is not easy to be dirty, its washing measures and maintenance are not simple questions. There is a huge difference in washing methods among various kinds of fabrics. Therefore, we should read washing instructions carefully before washing and maintenance so that we do not hurt our beloved bedding.
4. When you store your bedding, you should pay much more attention to the color of bedding that the deep-colored and light-colored fabric should be kept separately. You will also neatly fold your bedding when you make collection. Appropriate amount of mothballs can be placed in your bedding to be waterproof and avoid mildew and termite. But attention please! Silky Fabric should not be stored with mothballs to avoid your bedding yellowing; we just place silk products in the appropriate humidity, well-ventilated place. That is ok.