Not smoking in the early morning
People’s metabolism has not restored to normal levels when they wake up, and their breathing frequency is slow, with stimulation of body toxins CO2. At this time, if you smoke, the bronchial spasm and contraction are caused by the morning “killer”, so that the discharge of carbon dioxide is blocked. As a result, tightness, dizziness, fatigue and other symptoms become popular. A daily work begins with the morning. If we can not feel good in the morning, how can we do better in our job?
Avoid drinking milk with an empty belly
Protein in milk is digested into amino acids through the stomach and small intestine, which can be absorbed in the small intestine. The stomach would be empty soon when you drink milk with an empty belly, so unabsorbed protein is directly routed to the large intestine, which not only causes a waste of nutrition but also makes the protein into toxic substances in the large intestine.
Not reading the newspaper in the toilet
WC is the shared activities of lower nerve and senior center. Many people are accustomed to take a newspaper or a book when they go to the washing room, a small half-day is wasted. If you do that frequently, the awareness of defecation is suppressed. Lost the sensitivity of the rectum to feces stimulus with the passage of time can cause constipation.
4. Avoid raising birds in your room
There are parrot virus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other bacteria in Guano. When these birds fly, virus and germs in the dust will be flying in the air, which is harmful to body health. If we take in too much these dust for a long time, it will induce respiratory mucosal congestion, cough, phlegm, fever and other symptoms, even worse severe pneumonia and shock.
5. Avoid bathing so long
When you take a shower, hot water generatea a large amount of vapour with toxic substances such as trichlorethylene, trichloromethane and the like, which are evaporated to 80% and more than 50% respectively. Some vapour with toxic substances will be absorbed into the blood circulatory system, causing great harm. And bathing in hot water for too long does harm to the Heart.
6. Not close windows during bedtime
People take in 300 ml of oxygen and exhale 250 ml of carbon dioxide per minute when they sleep, if the doors and windows are closed, the amount of carbon dioxide will increase more than three times within three hours, bacteria, dust and other harmful substances will be doubled increased. Therefore, we should leave some space to allow fresh outdoor air inflow, and indoor carbon dioxide timely discharge.