Sales, Discount and Strengths of New Shopping Site



Abstract: Detailed information about Sales, following sales, advantages and functions of our new shopping site for USA, AU, and UK people. Why not read here to save you maybe 30% off? Prompt information about Hot Sales is published here.

Ladies and gentlemen,
   Morning! We really meet you online. Waiting for the new site Sales for a long time? Wondering what are big features of our new shopping site? I will introduce you in details. Are you ready? Here we go!

Big Strengths that exceed others.

No.1       30% OFF

热卖的From what you can see here, we offer silk sheets set with 30% off. You can not buy any other similar sets that save you so much. Of Course, we just offer one color like the picture show with unchangeable match. Please remember in heart that all our silk production are made from the best 19momme mulberry silk. Even though we make a big discount, they are really high quality without any worries. ONLY 1 IN STOCK.

No.2   Various Style of pajamas & sleepwear, Now 10% Off


Our big strength that others do not have is that we offer a wide range of silk pajamas for men and women. Each type is designed and inspired by personal convenient needs and demands. Different lengths, sleeves, collars etc.

睡衣5Here  I just pick several  men’s robes for your reference. All hit at calf. A self detachable belt. Some have handy pockets. Different styles to meet your personal needs. Whatever, all are tailored from 19 momme weight mulberry silk. Cool and comfortable as it is, these silk dressing gowns really attract men’s attention and favor. Ladies and housewives, buy your love the best sleep wear for the beautiful nights.

No.3    10% Off for Silk Bedding

床品9907Buy a whole set or one piece of it, each will save you 10%. This discount promotion will end in 9 days. Starts from now on! So, Take your time, hurry buy! Do not miss this rare chance. Sleep with high quality, healthy and cozy silk bedding set from now on, let silk protect you all seasons long.

No.4 Detailed Description and photos introducing products.

We write detailed information about product description, and add many photos to make you know clearly about our product strengths. what’s more, we offer the size chart for your reference. Full sizes.

尺码表All what we can do is to let you have a nice shopping. Your Satisfaction will improve us to be better, actually we are trying.

No.5  Easy Share with Your Friends

We set Facebook Like, Pin It, Google+ etc for you to share your loved products to your friends, and I bet you will get benefits from your simple click. Why not have a try?


I can not introduce you our new shopping site in several words, I believe you will love our site when you scan it. No redunctant words here, experience the charming of silk and Lilysilk by yourseelf.