How to protect skin for men

Close-up of young man applying shaving cream

Experts tell us, the sebaceous glands and sweat glands of men are bigger than that of women, so is the skin acidity. Due to the secretion of sebum and sweat, his hair on face and body is thick and concentrated. And men often do the manual labour, so the skin is more susceptible to be contaminated, black and rough. Therefore, men should pay more scientific and reasonable care and maintenance on skin.
Here are 4 tips to protect skin for men.
1. Adhere to massage: massage can make the aging skin surface cells timely shedding, promote facial blood circulation, improve skin respiration, increase skin nutrition by secretion of the sebaceous glands and sweat glands to improve the vitality of the deep skin cells, making the skin shiny and flexible.  The best way: first paint some massage cream on face , and then use your fingers to make massage along the texture of the facial skin from the bottom with circled-style, about 10 minutes each time. After massage, wash your face with water, then coat with astringent.
2. Correct shaving: Men’s beard grows faster, and some people’s beard is particularly thick, requiring constant shaving and modification. The Shaves should be done in the morning because the face and epidermis are in a relaxed state.  The best way: choose shaving cream and soap with good quality and small irritant, gentle shaving water, as well as high-quality razor. After two minutes coated with shaving cream, beard is thoroughly softened, and then began to blow. This will avoid injury to him.
3. Exfoliates: As the majority of male facial skin has large pores, it is oily easily, and more easily absorb dirt outside, so regular facial scrub is very important.  The best way: Use refreshing deep applicable scrub, try to make circle on his face, and note that the intensity is light, without a very long time, and finally clean. Once or twice per week is ok.
4. Use sunscreen: men who often work outdoor pay attention to the sunlight. When they want to go out in summer, do not forget to paint some over SPF15 sunscreen cream like protection products to prevent sunburn. The experts believe that the skin sunscreen should be used from spring, though heat of the sun is not serious, but dry and windy with very strong ultraviolet. The sunscreen should also be used in fall.  The best way: choose skin sunscreen fitted for him, and admonish him to put on some out the door every day. In addition, put some moisturizer before going to sleep, if lip is chapped, also help him put some lipstick to get adequate nutrition to the skin and kept moist sheen.
Of course, good sleep can help a lot. If you choose a set of silk bedding, many skin problems can be solved. And the benefits of silk is unimaginable.