If winter comes, can spring be far apart? But before spring comes, we should keep ourselves warm in winter. Here are some tips for you to follow.
1. If you feel colder than others, it is because you lack inorganic salts in your diet, then you should intake more root vegetables.
2. You should drink something “cold” in Winter. Drinking much cool boiled water can prevent catching a cold. Drinking water frequently can maintain the balance of water metabolism, and prevent skin dryness and intrusion of deficiency fire.
3. Mushroom tastes delicious and has the effectiveness of the prevention and treatment of influenza, eat more can prevent hardening the arteries.
4. You should eat many turnips which can relieve cough and reduce sputum and clear away heat and toxic materials
Eat more vegetables and fruits, such as grapes, radish, pear, persimmon, lotus, lily, sugar cane, pineapples, bananas, etc., to supplement the vitamins and minerals in the body and neutralize excess acid metabolites, and to clear away heat and toxic materials. Eat more beans and other high-protein plant foods, eat less greasy food; eat less pungent food such as onion, ginger, garlic, leek, pepper.
Vitamin A can enhance human ability to bear coldness, while Vitamin C can improve the body’s ability to adapt to the cold. Therefore, eat much more lotus roots, green onions, potatoes and other root vegetables containing a lot of minerals and calories, regular consumption can also boost the body’s resistance to cold.
6. You need not eat hot food in winter to keep warm. The low temperature will accelerate the metabolism of vitamin, so that you should replenish more cold food.
7. The temperature is different between day and night in winter, you should promptly increase clothing, to prevent the cold. Eating more garlic can prevent colds.
8. Actively participate in the exercise, jogging, hiking, walking, swimming, etc., can make the body get exercised, which enhance body immunity. You should participate in a variety of sports to prevent frostbite, such as hand-wringing and stomping.
Cold dish is also beneficial to lose weight in winter. People like to eat oily and high-calorie food in cold weather, coupled with decreased outdoor activity, therefore people tend to be fat. In addition to physical exercise, properly eating cold dishes can “force” the body to self-heat and consume fat.