People like to fold quilts first in the morning after they get up! Yes, you know, I am not in that group. Not because I am lazy, I have some facts to show.
The latest research results of Kingston university scientists in England show that, maybe loons do have their sense of lazy theory, because waking up without folding the quilt is more helpful to health.The latest research shows that, bed in a mess may be unsightly, but it can effectively limit the growth of bedding mites and dust mites, and reduce symptoms of dust allergies and asthma.
According to statistics of scientists , even if in the very neat family, each bed should have at least 15 million bedclothes mites and dust mites which far less than 1 mm depend on the body’s natural edible shed skin and produce all sorts of allergy to human body. The mites need water to their growth. once people leave the bed, wet water will soon give out. If the quilt keeps the same, moisture outside in the air can’t enter comforter, so that all kinds of mites finally die of thirst.
Look, what a wise girl I am! The first step to keep health is to keep quilt as it is! How easy is it!