Besides the conventional collocation of bedding, such as sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers, the bedding match includes bed skirts, cushions, pillow inner, and duvet, thus, there are many five-set or six- set bedding on the market. Consumers can match their own sets according to their needs. Therefore, manufactures or shoppers will pack all those freely. Lilysilk is just that store which sells all sets or one piece. We can choose whatever we want and decide the amount of your bedding.

In fact, the bedding mix does not stop here. We can use these collocations to create or convert the bedroom environment to adapt to the needs of our different aesthetic taste. Also we can consider the color, pattern design, or production methods when we decorate our bedroom. Variety of mixture of bedding also gives us a colorful life and nice mood.

The color matching is crucial, an important part of the bedding decoration. In general, the color tones can be classified into warm colors, cool colors and neutral colors. Warm colors will bring warmth into your mind and body, litting cheerful emotion, red agate, Nine red, bright red, brown … give us a spring-like joy. Cool colors such as white, silver gray, slightly blue, blue, dark blue, sapphire blue … reminds you of the bright and clean blue sky, pure clouds, deep universe, clear streams, …make your worries and anger away, and keep peaceful and warm. Neutral colors, such as okra yellow, shallow green, yellow, gray, pale crimson, purple, light coffee … pass the peace and joy of the emotion, simple and happy.

Timely selection of bedding is necessary due to changes of season after you know effectiveness of these three different hue. Reasonable matches give you a different feeling and life. Season after season, year after year, when you return home, what is your dream? If you can relax your taut nerves and adapt your mood, look for ideal dreams in your desirable color space, what you will feel then? A great pleasure

The tone is a combination of hue, purity, and lightness. The mix of colors will produce a rich ruby color with light elegant, bright and dim, a different and special atmosphere. For example, claret is added a little dark red, which is able to produce a classical charm. Red with yellow plus some metallic effect color will produce a brilliant luster. White with light gray plus bright color, will produce a more coordinated color. Purple between blue and red is full of wealth and charm … Complementary color can often break the dull design, playing a role in the finishing touch. Multiterminal atmosphere is created by mixing the colors to your taste.