1. The Past

The idea of LILYSILK was born back in January 2010, after Lily Lin spent more than a decade working in France’s silk industry and saw how retailers realized huge profits by marking up huge premiums but the silk workers remaining in relative poverty. That is why LILYSILK wants to create an online outlet that links Chinese Silk weavers directly to people all around the world and build a global lifestyle brand that focuses on the highest quality silk product at a price point that is both affordable and beneficial to the silk workers.


Following a few months of discussion, this idea was set in motion, and www.lilysilk launched with its first pillowcases range and became an instant hit for its unparalleled quality and amazing price. 


With over 1,000,000 orders shipped worldwide and over 3,000,000 items sold, we continue to grow and commit to making people’s life better by providing exceptional quality material and service. From the bedroom to the living room, sleep fashion to office chic, we hope our product can inspire everyone to live an effortless life and to feel the softness of what life provides.


Our Timeline

lilysilk.com first went online in August 2010, selling silk pillowcases and beddings focusing on the French market
Expanding our sales channel to include Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress. Introducing new homeware categories such as pajamas and nightcaps.
Established 14 official sites in the UK, Germany, France, and Italy, and opened offices in the US, Japan, and Hong Kong to provide customers with localized return and exchange services.
Introducing women’s wear into the LILYSILK family and with our original design and unmatched quality, it was an instant hit among our customers. Start to work with charitable organizations such as “Free Lunch for Children” to give back to society.
Define our brand strategy to build a global lifestyle brand that focuses on promoting natural silk material. Organizing offline pop-up stores, and further deepen our cooperation with TVs and media.

2. The Now

This year, marked the 10th year anniversary for LILYSILK, with all the ups and downs along the way, we thank you for the support from our customers around the world.

This year is also a year full of unknowns and challenges. But we believe we are so much better when we are together, that is why we are devoted ourselves to building up a safe, loving, and caring community not only between our customers but our employees. 


3. The Future

We will continue to use our product as an expression of freedom and our dedication towards silk making. From homeware to outwear, we will keep expanding our silk product range and build up a global lifestyle brand to introduce softness and this natural fabric into more people’s life.