A sunny day, isn’t it? Have a nice trip? Oh, no! I want to stay at home! I choose to enjoy the sunshine with my family at my yard. I will put my quilt out under the sunshine and then lie on the lounge with a book. What a cozy life it is!
Many people will take out the quilt to get in touch with the sunshine on a sunny day. Who doesn’t want to make his quilt warm and mellow, and has a nice dream at night with warm quilts, enjoying the smell of sunshine?
However, does everybody know the tips of airing a quilt? Does it just need to put them out on a string? Definitely not!
Benefits: let’s do not say how comfortable with the aired quilts first, but it is really beneficial to our health. Originally, it is a good habit to air the quilt for the health. Do you know the facts that the quilt “absorb” all kinds of air and harmful substances such as bacteria, microorganism, dust, sweat on human body ? If it goes on like that, how can your body be subjected to that? Rush to your bed and put your comforter out so that you can enjoy the healthy night. The ultraviolet ray in the sunshine has a very strong effect of sterilization, and let a person less touch virus, and effectively resist and violate the virus, because harmful viruses and bacteria will be killed in a very short time due to the action of sunlight and air flow.
Knowledge: however, it is not an easy job to air the quilt literally. The most important thing is not to do it for a long time, or frequently, otherwise fiber of quilt will be shortened and easy to fall off. You would better air the comforter at noon, and cover a layer of thin cloth on it, so that quilt cover and fiber would not be damaged. If it is synthetic cotton quilt, one or two hours is ok, because this kind of quilt has no fiber expansion, moisture can be removed easily . Duvet, synthetic fiber and wool quilt can’t be aired for a long time either, because high temperature will make the oil of feathers and wool change with disgusting smell. Air it in ventilated place 1 hour is ok. In addition, don’t clap it when dry the quilt, which is easy to damage the quilt ingredients, and effect of keeping warm.
Special tips for you: killing mites not only need dry it frequently but wash and change frequently. If you haven’t aired your comforter for more than 3 months, there will be 6 million mites in it, just imagine how disgusting. But drying the quilt only is not an effective way to kill mite. Some doctors argue that, mites survive in the surface layer of the quilt, drying the quilt will only make mites drill to inside quilt, if clap at this time, mite body and waste will be made into powder, and increase the allergen. Therefore, the best way to keep health is to clean it and dry it. When cleaning, don’t forget to add some disinfection, so that the quilt is not only clean and healthy, but also has a faint sunshine smell.