Many young mothers and fathers have complained that it is hard to take care of a baby, and their babies often cry many times a day. Young parents are exhausted with busy job and heavy care for their next generation. However, my baby did not bother me and my husband a lot. We took a doctor’s advice, and got some experiment on my two babies for your reference.
1.How to let a baby not cry?
It is said that all crybabies are spoiled by their parents. The newly-born babies can not understand words and phrases around themselves, they make a judgement according to their own conditioned response. To my surprise, doctor Jane Gu ever suggested me that we should keep babies in our arms when they do not cry, while they cry, we should get them down. It is really a skilled and useful way to keep them not cry. A little baby may know that only if they do not cry, can they have a warm hug. These responses can be trained like these: if a baby begins to cry without a reason, you can let them alone, and look at the clock, 10 minutes later, embrace him or her. The first time you can set is 5 minutes, 10 minutes the second time and so like that. These tell babies that their tears can not attract their mommy. BUT you should pay much attention to 4 reasons that are not ignorant: urinating, illness, hunger, sleeping. At this moment, mother are told to be cold-blooded, or the results can not be reached.
2.How to let newly-born babies sleep whole night?
My American doctor criticizes me again and again: you are not a good mother, you can not let your baby sleep whole night. I used to feed my baby at night, so I always complain that it is hard to raise a child. But the doctor never shows his sympathy to me, and tells me a useful tip: do not feed babies at night. I was shocked and asked why. The doctor said easily, because we are human. That is it. Obviously, it is unnecessary to feed baby at night. A continuous sleep with 10 to 12 hours is much more important than drinking milk at night! My first baby always troubled me and my husband a lot. We fed her once every night, and this habit lasted nearly one year. But after taking the doctor’s advice, our second baby set us free from the torments.