Have you been struggling to find an elegant gift that’ll show how much you love the bride you’re buying it for? Then you should make this task easy and get her a gift made of silk!

Not only is it a romantic, luxurious fabric, but it also has many surprising health benefits as well.

And when you see that there are a wide variety of products made of silk like bed linens, nightwear, bath robes, and more then it’ll be so easy to find a suitable wedding shower gift.

You know you’ve probably stressed yourself out about the bigger wedding gift you’re probably about to buy from their registry. So let us convince you why this will stand out among the other wedding shower gifts she’s going to receive…….

Silk Gifts Are Perfect For Both Him & Her

Let’s admit it. A lot of the wedding and showers and such is mostly for the bride, and not the groom. Sure the groom gets a bachelor party, but like a lot of guys he’s probably just looking forward to it being over.

So on that note, a silk bed linen set is something that both the bride and groom can enjoy for a very long time together! As they’ll be sharing the same bed, why not buy them a gift that’ll help them sleep better, be gentle on their skin, and even help relieve allergies in some cases.

Silk gifts are perfect for wedding showers because they also don’t give the same impression that sexy lingerie does, like what the bride would receive at a bachelorette party. Because silk is seen as a high quality fabric, you’ll avoid some of the connotations that other sexy gifts may give off.

It’ll Improve Your Allergies, Your Skin, And More!

According to many dermatologists, very few people are allergic to silk and it can actually help a lot of people with various ailments!

Think of how thoughtful a pair of silk pajamas or a silk robe would be for someone who has sensitive skin and/or allergies that flare up in the spring or summer.

Not only that, but silk repels mildew, is breathable and regulates body temperature, and is lightweight and softer than most other fabrics due to it being made from natural proteins.  

Why Can Silk Do All These Things?

The silk that makes up our products here at LilySilk.com are made of the best strands available using those from the Bombyx Mori silkworms. You may not know much about different silkworms and such so try and understand this…….

This means that the silk you buy from us is made up of natural proteins similar to what you find in your hair, and thus our silk won’t react negatively to your body because its composition is similar to your own.

Cotton, polyester, and nylon cannot give the same benefits that silk can!

Your skin will be better hydrated because of this, and you’ll later have skin that looks younger and less irritated. What bride doesn’t want to do whatever they can to retain their natural beauty and avoid the signs of aging?

Silk Lasts For A Very Long Time!

We saved the best reason for last because you’re probably unsure of whether this is a great investment for the bride and groom. Sure it’s cheaper and easier to buy gifts made of cotton and wool than silk, but as you probably know, cheaper does not mean better.

Because silk is naturally elastic, hypoallergenic, and made of tough strands of fabric similar to your hair it will hold up to the elements for much longer than any other bedsheet or robe can. This will help the bride and groom sleep better and thus increase their productivity, spend less money maintaining their skin’s moisture, and it’ll stand up to repeated washing and drying too.  

So even though you’ll spend a little extra buying a silk gift from us, your bride and groom is going to get positive returns for years to come. And more than likely, they’ll use your gift very very often and thus always think of you when they use it.

Do you like what we have to say? Great! Please take a moment to check out our inventory, and browse around our website to find the right silk gift for the bride and groom!